An OLEEP Fall!

This past fall, Fall 2010, was an incredible semester for OLEEP.  New and old mentors and mentees alike started the year ready to get outdoors, and ready to learn! Our curriculum for the fall included units on plants and photosynthesis, food and agriculture, and energy flows in ecosystems.  Workshop activities included dissecting vegetables, role-playing games to simulate a food web, and using gummy animals to illustrate trophic cascade! Not only did mentors and mentees have a great time in workshop, but headed outside for some fantastic field trips, such as a trip to CityFarm to learn about composting and get up close and personal with all kinds of plants.

Lessons from a garden manager

The fall semester also included a wonderful trip to Burlingame State Park, where mentors and mentees alike bonded over delicious rice and beans, playing mafia and singing around the campfire, impromptu dance lessons and book-making lessons.  As sad as we were to see the semester end and to say goodbye to some fantastic graduating mentors and mentees, we had a great fall semester and are excited for this semester’s workshops and trips!

To see The Oleep Beat, a newsletter covering the 2010-2011 academic year, click here!


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