Welcome to OLEEP 2012

Our first workshop was absolutely amazing. We started the day with a Post-It activity where we answered some questions on post-it notes around the room. Next we learned everyone’s name through a fun tarp activity and worked on our team working skills in Gold Line Square. Since it was such a nice fall day in Providence, we went outside for those activities. We moved back into Equality to talk about OLEEP and what it means to us. By going through each letter of “OLEEP” we learned a little bit about each other and the program. Lastly, we broke into small groups to get a sense of who was in the room. We answered a few questions about what we know about environmental science, what we would like to do, and what our favorite outdoor experience had been. Overall, it was a really great first day filled with many get-to-know-you activities. This semester and year is going to be amazing!

Outdoor Leadership Environmental Education Program as defined by the members of OLEEP 2012 – 2013! See all the connections?!

-Aaron Reyes ’13


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