Fundraiser: Brown vs. Yale

November 3, 2012

Early on this blustery Saturday, a group of bleary-eyed OLEEPers met at Aaron’s dorm to walk over to Brown’s football stadium, arriving early enough to see the team arrive and get inspired by the pump up music blaring from the locker room. Aaron, Allison, Hannah, Jenna, Jeremy, Lauren, and Tanya spent the day working the concession stands, assembling and wrapping hot dogs (hand crafted!), carrying trays of food and beverage dispensers, sharpening our mental math skills working the registers, ladling out meatball subs, crafting alluring displays of candy, advocating that people drink Providence’s great tap water instead of buying bottles from us (we are an environmental leadership program after all), and making friends with little kids who told us our hot cocoa was “so chocolatey!” Working from warm up to clean up, we each made a day’s wage that we are donating to OLEEP, which we DOUBLED by asking the generous football fans for donations! All things considered, it was a pretty awesome day. Oh, and Brown beat Yale 20 to nothing, not that we saw any of this happen, hanging out in our concession booths all day and all, where the real action happened, clearly.

-Jenna Steckel ’13


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