Bodies of Water

This week we had a blast learning about bodies of water. We started with an icebreaker where each mentor and mentee received a picture of a sea creature and had to find their fellow sea creatures. Then, each sea creature group received a map or a graph about ocean conservation and had to analyze it and report back to the whole group about what they learned. After that, we split into three larger groups: overfishing, eutrophication, and ocean acidification. In the overfishing group, Luke illustrated the issue by providing mentees with different tools to “fish” M&Ms from a cup. In the eutrophication group, Noah presented the process of eutrophication with candy. In the ocean acidification group, Jeremy tested the pH of water before and after the mentees used a straw to blow into the water. We finished the workshop off by showing that despite a variety of tools and time, it is really difficult to clean up an oil spill!

-Luke, Noah, Jeremy


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