This Wednesday we had oodles of OLEEP fun learning about how our land was shaped. We started out learning what everyone thought about landscapes in a four corners activity. Then we headed outside to make our own landscape. First we set up the glacier (chocolate pudding) and sediment (crushed oreos) and let it flow. Then we split into animal/yard maintenance equipment groups and grabbed our sediment (actual sediment this time). We blew through straws to simulate wind, dripped water to make a river, pushed water around and made waves, and built a sand mountain to finally erode with water, wind and glaciers made or water, air, and random objects. By the end of the activity, we were all Level 4 Landscapers. We then used our landscaping skills to become cartographers, making topographical maps on our knuckles, on the land, and on paper. After millions of years of geologic work, we enjoyed a well-deserved snack: our pudding glacier.

– Nina, Eli, Allison, Jack


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